Leave bearings up to us.


September, 1945 Established HEIWA SANGYO COMPANY
April, 1948 Became the agency for NTN Co., Ltd.
December, 1948 Reorganized to HEIWA SANGYO CO.,LTD.
April, 1955 Became the agency for Minebea Co., Ltd.
May, 1959 Became the agency for NIPPON PILLOW BLOCK CO., LTD.
December, 1960 Established HEIWA SANGYO CO.,LTD. Jonan Office
Inauguration of Tagawa Tsuneo as CEO
Capital : 3 million yen
April, 1961 Renamed to Keihin bearing Co., Ltd.
April, 1963 Capital increased to 6 million yen
March, 1965 Established Hachioji Office
April, 1965 Capital increased to 10 million yen
March, 1969 Became special agent for OGURA CLUTCH CO.,LTD.
January, 1971 Renamed to Keihin Co., Ltd.
April, 1981 Established Ota Office
April, 1982 Capital increased to 11 million yen
February, 2003 Inauguration of Tagawa Kazuaki as CEO
April, 2011 Established Japanese company in China, Keihin Bearing Trade(Shanghai)Co., Ltd.