Leave bearings up to us.

Please feel free to contact us about various rolling bearings, various sliding bearings and anything else.
We deal with transmission goods, various machine parts, and special order-made parts.

Message from the President

Machine component parts are indispensable to the industry.
For over 50 years, the Keihin company has been selling machine element parts, including the bearings.
We work as a coordinator to provide products that best match the needs of our customers, by connecting the customer to our manufacturers.
We will continue to work as a good partner for our customers in the future.

Management and Environmental policies

1. Our Management policy
We offer products that match the needs of our customers. We will work for the satisfaction of the customer, the prosperity of the company, and to improve the lives of our employees.

2. The effects business activity has on environmental conservation
Keihin Co., Ltd. serves as a liaison for our customers and parts manufacturers, and is the trading company which is active under management policy No.1 listed above.

Since we do not manufacture products directly, there is no impact on environmental conservation involved in production.
However, the products we sell must not impact environmental conversation or the maintenance of biological diversity.
During business, operational activity, in the process of stocking products, and for package and delivery, we use various articles and consume energy,

The headquarters of the Keihin company is located in the middle of downtown Tokyo, and high energy consumption will adversely affect city warming in the area. In addition, the Hachioji Office and the Ota Office, which are located in green suburbs near the countryside, will also be adversely affected by high energy consumption.

3. Environment basic policy
We are aware that our business activity affects the environment. So we enforce environmental laws applied to our activity area, and implement voluntary standards and requirements concerned with green procurement from our business partners.

4. Activities
We promote the following business activities: 1. saving energy, 2. effective use of resources and 3. purchasing and using environmentally-conscious products as consumption materials to use for business.
We decide the targeted value of those activities and evaluate it regularly. We perform an annual review with the aim of finding improvements.

5. Disclosure
This policy is posted in the office and disseminated to all employees. We also disclose the policy in response to requests made from outside the company.